Series 01, Episode 05
Air Date February 11, 2011
Previous Slumberlicious
Next Fashiontastic

Tidylicious is the fifth episode of Sadie J's first series which was first broadcast on February 11, 2011

Summary Edit

Sadie becomes sick of all the mess the boys leave behind - not even giving a thought to the fact she's caused half of it. Sadie rallies them all to assault the mess - but with rather poor results. So she decides it's time for a housekeeper - against her dad's wishes.

Meanwhile Dede manages to construct a rather lethal looking M261 70mm Hydra rocket - but Jake and Danny nick it and replace the HEDP submunition filled warhead with custard..... shame, the original would have definately cleared the room out for Sadie!

Sadie, Kit and Dede interview a load of looney housekeepers, none of them seem any use - Sadie gives up on the idea - just as the perfect housekeeper turns up out of nowhere.

At first she's amazing! The Jenkins are all astounded with her performance, and Sadie especially, as she gets treated like "a young lady". But they don't stop to ask "is this too perfect?". Not till she starts to turn out to be a Glenn Close type bunny boiler!

Finally Jake and Danny use the Hydra rocket against the housekeeper (should've left the HEDP bomblets in it guys!) giving her a good showering of custard - at which point she goes pyschonaut lashing out at Jake, Danny and Sadie. Bad move! She didn't realise Steve was also witnessing it all. One fired housekeep!

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