Series 01, Episode 04
Air Date February 4, 2011
Previous Friendalicious
Next Tidylicious

Slumberlicious is the fourth episode of the first series which was first broadcast on February 4, 2011.

Summary Edit

Sadie is hosting a slumber party and wants all the sassy, A-list members of her school to be invited. (despite many being anything but her friends).

But a typically clumsy Sadie then breaks a hi-tech teapot that Dede had slaved over

Slumberlicious - Episode 4

making. Fearing Dede will force her to spend the night rebuilding the teapot - sabotaging her slumber party, Sadie first tries a cheap trick to frame Kit for the misdemeanor. It's a fail, so she hatches an elaborate plot about a "lean-mean burgluring machine" having broke into her room, and stolen the teapot! Just the teapot alone! As if! Dede isn't fooled for a single second - anyway, Roger later exposes Sadie's subterfuge to Dede!

Sadie gets her party in the end - and they all even repair Dede's teapot whilst there - only for Kit to come barging in dressed as a bandit scaring them all half to death! Chaos ensues and Sadie has to choose between saving Dedes teapot or her own cherised choclate fountain. She makes the right choice in the end!

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