Keith Woods

Keith Woods works in Steve's garage as his apprentice. He is not the best of workers as he in constantly glued to his mobile phone texting his latest girlfriend or advertising free services. This frustrates Steve but he never takes any action towards it. Keith acts like a son or brother to Steve and he lives in house with the rest of the Jenkins family. He seems to enjoy living in the house especially eating Steve's "cooking" (junkfood) which is much preferred to those "green thingies" (vegetables)

He's sweet, good looking and what proves to be popular with the ladies. Has a new girlfriend almost every episode and it always seems to distract him from his work. In Slumberlicious after a dreadful new haircut from his Nan a girl mistakes his for a famous tennis player Dominique, he doesn't correct her and keeps up the pretence for the most of the episode, until he eventually tells her.

Hehe =3

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