Joe is a friend of Dede Baxter's. Some time ago he was in a class with Sadie Jenkins. At this time he was rather big and Sadie and her classmates called him Jelly-belly Joe. When Sadie next met Joe he was no longer big but rather handsome and Sadie fell for him. She tried to impress him and even asked Kit fror a makeover to make herself look more like Chloe as she thought Joe liked Chloe over her. However in the end Joe told Sadie and Chloe he didn't fancy either of them as they weren't really his type (His type being someone similair to him). He then started to take a small interest in Dede who then told Joe Captain Skylo was the only man for her. When Sadie was asked if she still liked Joe she said "Joe is SO like three weeks ago!"
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