Series 2, Episode 3
Air Date 8 February 2012 (CBBC)
Previous Tofutastic
Next Cocolocolicious
Gagalicious is the third episode of Sadie J, and is the 16th episode overall. The episode premiered on CBBC, on 8 February 2012. ☀

Plot Edit

When Kit's cousin comes to stay- And turns out to be sporty, a football fan- a a bit cute, Kit decides to change his image- meaning, he's turned into something he's not! Kit decides to keep it, that way, but Ms V, Sadie, and Dede do not help- At All! Especially Sadie, who thinks Kit's cousin is trying to change him! She takes matters into her own hands- Oh Dear! And it looks like her friendship with Kit is at skate. Meanwhile, Danny and Jake put their hands on DJ- How far can they go?

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