Danny Jenkins

Danny Jenkins is a fictional character from Sadie J. He is a smart nine-year-old, who is friends with other fictional character, Jake Woods, and is the brother of Sadie J

Background Edit

Danny was born, three days before his mother died. When he was seven-years-old, his sister, and title character of the show, Sadie, used to look after him, while their dad, used to go outside to mourn over her death. Before the start of Sadie J, it was revealed, Danny used to cry himself to sleep,wondering about his mother. Sadie, used to go into his room and cheer him up. Then, he became friends with Jake Woods, but trouble raised on Mother's Day when Jake kept on going on about his mother. This, made Danny upset and made him run away, but however Sadie and Dede found him, and brought him home. When Jake found out, he apologized and the two became friends forever, as of Sadie J series 1.

Trivia Edit

  • Danny turns nine years old in Sadie J Series one.
  • His character is simlar to Max from CBBC'S Dani's House.
  • In Sadie J Series 3, he turns 13.
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