Dani 'Danielle' Jones is a fictional character from CBBC series, Sadie J. She first made her appearance in Series 3, Episode 9, as Kit's drams coach. Dani isn't well liked by Sadie and Dede, as they call her, 'Crazy Drama Girl'. Dani also doesn't like the two and she normally gives them threats. Jones is also the niece of Ms V, much to the gang's dismay. She marks her last final appearance as the rest of the cast, in Series 3, Episode 10.

Dani is portrayed by Dani Harmer.

Character History Edit

Dani started to become an acting coach at the age of 11, after her aunt, Ms V, had persuaded her to do it. On the show, her first mentor was Kit and they worked well with each-other. When Dani made her first appearance, Series 3 Episode 9, she was introduced to Sadie and Dede, who took a quick dislike to her, as she started making threats to them, and tried to force Dede to fall in love with Drama. Dani is also obsessed with The V Diner, as she goes there every single day- even when it's closed. She also was bullied at school, but got revenge by keeping her bullies in a closet.

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