Ashlii Summers


Ashlii Summers is the daughter of Beverly Summers, step-sister to Sadie Jenkins and step-daughter to Steve Jenkins. She is very self-centred and arrogant. She boasts about her looks and is very possessive of things like her boyfriend, Taylor or her mother. In Blackmailamundo, in return for not telling Steve that Sadie broke her curfew, she treats Sadie like a slave. She first appears in Series 2, taking over the waitress job from Chloe, as she left in Series 1. Ashlii and Sadie immediately form a rivalry because of Sadie's growing crush on Taylor (Ashlii's then-boyfriend) and Ashlii's rude manner. She is very smug and cocky about dating Taylor and taunts Sadie with him regularly until their eventual break-up. She is known as the "evil one" by all of Sadie's friends but at the start of Season 3, when Beverly and Steve announce their engagement, her and Sadie become closer and their rivalry starts to wear away. As Season Three comes to an end, Ashlii even address Sadie as her sister when the family receives the news that Beverly is pregnant with Steve's child.

She dated Taylor Bell until they spilt up in Series 2. Her estimated age is about 15 in Series 2 and 16 in Series 3.

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